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Elga Nicolini
Elga Nicolini


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Tecnico linguistico presso il CLAt e docente di inglese presso DLCM e DIEC

Office hours: Thursdays 3.30PM my office in P.zza Santa Sabina

NO OFFICE HOURS ON Thursday 27th October 

How to reach my office: take the main entrance in the Palazzo Serra courtyard - the one facing you, not the one on the left-hand side - go up two figths of stairs and, on the main landing, you'll see aula 1 in front you with a glass-panelled door, look to your right and you'll see a tiny corridor, take the narrow staircase on the left and the Studio Lettori di inglese is there. If the brown door is closed, please wait for me.

AULAWEB pages for 22-23 courses

Lingua inglese 1 - Lettorato (group E)

Lingua inglese 1 - Lettorato (group F)

Lingua inglese 2 - Lettorato (group A)

Lingua inglese 3 - Lettorato (L-Z)

English for Business and Economics (group A)

DLCM lettorato exam dates - winter session

First  year - 16th January 2022 - 9AM

Second year - 17th January 2022 - 9 AM

Third year - 16th January - 2PM


DLCM lettorato exam dates - summer session

First sitting

First  year - 22nd May 2022 - 9AM

Second year - 23rd May 2022 - 9 AM

Third year - 22nd May - 2PM

Second sitting

First year - 12th June 2022 - 9AM

Second year - 13th June 2022 - 9 AM

Third year - 12th June - 2PM



For the whole month of October I'm giving students from 21-22 and previous academic years the opportunity to hold their oral exams druing office hours on Thursdays at 3.30 in P.zza Santa Sabina. Please write to me to book a place at elga.nicolini@unige.it and write LCM oral exam in the subject of your email. Please always write your name, surname and university ID number and sign your email.


First and second year - Groups A_ and E/F respectively - 28th June 2022 - time 11AM - The enrollment form is on the second-year, group A-D aulaweb page, so first-year students will have to enrol and then unenrol after subscribing. First-year students, please find the syllabus here. Second-year students, please find this year's syllabus herePLEASE ENROL FOR ONE DATE ONLY.

Please note: the exam will be in person only.

There is going to be an extra sitting in July - the form will be up soon.

Oral Exam Syllabi

First year 

Second year