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Academic year 2022-2023

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Lingua inglese I LCM lettorato Gruppo A   Students with surnames (to be confirmed at a later date)

Start Date: Wednesday 5thOctober 2023

Wednesdays: 9-11 (Aula E Polo Didattico)   --  Fridays: 9-11 (Aula 11 Albergo dei Poveri)

Textbook used in class: Outcomes Upper Intermediate  - Second Edition  - National Geographic Learning

Team Code: xij7lz2


Lingua e traduzione inglese I - TTMI esercitazioni

Start Date: Monday 10th October 2023

Text analysis: Mondays 17-19 (Aula D Polo didattico)

Translation EN-IT: Fridays 16-18 (Aula A Polo didattico)

Team Code: 2ho70uy


Lingua e Traduzione Inglese II EN-IT

Start Date: Monday 10th October 2023

Mondays 15-17 (Aula A Polo Didattico)  -- Fridays 14-16 (Aula B Polo Didattico)

Team Code: fdnrn30


Office Hours:

When: Wednesdays at 11.00am.  Please make an appointment in advance.

Where: Studio Lettori di inglese